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Organische Halbleiter-Materialien

Hersteller und Anbieter von organischen Halbleiter-Materialien und Grundstoffen.

Die organischen Halbleiter basieren - im Gegensatz zu den anorganischen Halbmetallen - auf organisch-chemischen Materialien und sollen insbesondere für elektronische Bauteile Anwendung finden. Die elektrischen Fähigkeiten dieser Materialien basieren hierbei auf dem Vorhandensein delokalisierter Elektronen.

Liste mit Herstellern und Anbietern von organischen Halbleitermaterialien und -chemikalien für die Produktion.

Inhalt, Gliederung

Internationale Hersteller und Anbieter

Internationale Hersteller und Anbieter

BASF Future Business
Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), organic photovoltaics (OPV) and printable electronics - [e]

The ultimate conductive polymer - [e]

Merck Chemicals
Premium OLED materials; organic electronics - [e, …]

Chemicals for organic and printed electronics - [e, …]


BASF Future Business GmbH
Organische Leuchtdioden (OLEDs), Organische Photovoltaik und Druckbare Elektronik - [d]

CreaPhys GmbH
The company is powered by scientists with competencies mainly in vacuum thin film technology, material purification (primarily organic compounds) and opto-electronics - [e]

H.C. Starck
Leitfähige Kunststoffe - [d, e]

Heliatek GmbH
The mission of the Dresden-based Heliatek GmbH is to develop a mature technology of organic vacuum-deposited solar cells and to introduce it into the market. The technology development comprises tailored organic absorber materials, device integration, and production processes - [d, e]

M. Braun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH
The OLED Industry Partner - [e]

Unter dem Markennamen lisicon® bietet Merck komplette Materiallösungen für die organische Elektronik (OE) für organische Dünnschichttransistoren (OTFT) in Display-Anwendungen als kundenspezifische und druckfertige Formulierungen; Hochwertige OLED-Materialien für Displays - [d, …]

Novaled AG
... is a world-class technology provider in organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technologies - [e]

Erleben Sie die Möglichkeiten gedruckter Elektronik, ermöglicht durch eine neue Technologie, der "Polymerelektronik", mit elektrisch leitenden und halbleitenden Kunststoffen - [d, e]


American Dye Source, Inc.
ADS is now offering a variety of thiophene derivatives and near infrared absorption metal complex dyes for use in organic thin-film transistors. These products are available in milligrams to kilogram quantities, for R&D and production purposes. ADS also provides custom synthesis for compounds for OTFT - [e]

... is the first and only manufacturer of active-matrix Organic LED (AM-OLED) microdisplays on silicon - [e]

H. W. Sands Corp.
... a global leader in the design and the manufacture of dyes, inks and chemical solutions for the imaging industry with a focus on the security, electrophotography, transaction card, display and pre-sensitized printing plate markets - [e]

NanoFlex Power Corporation
NanoFlex has developed the most extensive patent portfolio of small molecule organic photovoltaic, or OPV, technologies in the world - [e]

Plastic Logic Inc.
Plastic Logic's Mission is to lead a revolution in the way people acquire, organize and consume information. We are using our proprietary technology leadership in plastic electronics to create a range of products enabling immediate information access, organization and consumption - [e]

... is a leading supplier of materials technology for the printed and flexible electronics industry - [e]

... is dedicated to providing manufacturing solutions for printed electronics - [e]

Universal Display Corporation
... is a world leader in the development of innovative OLED technology for use in flat panel displays, lighting and organic electronics - [e]


Cambridge Display Technology
... leads the development of display technology based on polymer organic light emitting diodes (P-OLEDs) - [e]

Electroluminescent products - [e]

Lomox Limited
... is an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology innovation and development company - [e]


Plastic electronic
... is a technology company specialized in the development and the production of intelligent multilayer surfaces, which have, depending on the application area, different sensory characteristics - [e]

Literaturempfehlungen und Bücher: Organische Halbleiter-Materialien


Thorsten U. Kampen

Low Molecular Weight Organic Semiconductors

This up-to-date reference for students as well as researchers in the field is the first systematic treatment on the property measurements of organic semiconductor materials. Following an introduction, the book goes on to treat the structural analysis of thin films and spectroscopy of electronic states. Subsequent sections deal with optical spectroscopy and charge transport.

An invaluable source for understanding, handling and applying this key type of material for physicists, materials scientists, graduate students, and analytical laboratories.

Wiley-VCH; 2010


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