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China: Naturwissenschaftliche Institutionen und Organisationen; Forschung


Liste mit naturwissenschaftlich relevanten Einrichtungen in China: Universitäten, Forschung und andere akademische Institutionen, Behörden, Industrieverbände.

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Universitäten / Hochschulen

Anhui Medical University
... formerly known as Shanghai Southeastern Medical College, is one of the key universities in Anhui Province - [cn, e]

Anhui Normal University
Founded in 1928, Anhui Normal University is not only an institution of higher learning but also one of the earliest universities in the Anhui province - [cn, e]

Anhui University
... the key comprehensive provincial institution, is located in Hefei, the beautiful capital city of Anhui Province - [cn, e]

Beijing Forestry University
... is as one of the key universities directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. It is a multi-disciplinary university - [cn, e]

Beijing Institute of Technology
BIT was founded in Yan’an in 1940. BIT is a national key university, an open, international and research-oriented university of science, engineering and humanities with science and engineering as the focus - [cn, e]

Beijing Jiaotong University
BJTU, located at Xizhimenwai of Beijing, is a national key university of China - [cn, e]

Beijing Normal University
- [cn, e]

Beijing University of Chemical Technology
BUCT - [cn, e]

Beijing University of Technology
The University has established a multidisplinary academic structure, offering a variety of programs and is involved in diversified research in the fields of Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Liberal Arts, and Law - [cn, e]

Capital Medical University
CMU ranks among the top academic medical institutions in China and is considered as one of the key municipal universities in Beijing - [cn, e]

Capital Normal University
CNU consists of 17 departments, faculties and schools - [cn, e]

Central South University
The fields of study at CSU cover 10 branches of learning, namely engineering, science, medicine, management, literature, law, economics, philosophy, education and history - [cn, e]

Chang'an University
All the areas in the field of highway transportation, land resources and environment and construction engineering - [cn, e]

China Agricultural University
CAU - [cn, e]

China Medical University
CMU - [cn, e]

China Pharmaceutical University
CPU was China’s first independent school of pharmacy and one of the biggest multi-speciality university of pharmacy with the complete pharmaceutical subjects in China - [cn, e]

China University of Geosciences
... is a comprehensive and National key university balanced developed in sciences, technology, arts, management, economics and laws, as well as maintaining its characteristic in geology, resources, environment and geological engineering - [cn, e]

China University of Mining & Technology
CUMT is a leading multi-disciplinary polytechnic university with mining features - [cn, e]

China University of Petroleum
CUPB is located in a scenic region of tourist interests in Changping District, Beijing, about 5 miles to the Ming Tombs and 15 miles to the Great Wall - [cn, e]

Chinese Academy of Sciences
CAS strives to build itself into a scientific research base at advanced international level, a base for fostering and bringing up advanced S&T talents, and a base for promoting the development of China's high and new technology industries - [cn, e]

Chongqing Universtiy
CQU runs a graduate school and offers a wide range of undergraduate programs covering diverse branches of learning such as sciences, engineering, liberal arts, economics, management,law and education - [cn, e, thai]

Dalian Medical University
... is located near the beautiful Xinghai Park - [cn, e]

Dalian University of Technology
DUT is located in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, in northeastern China’s Liaoning Province - [cn, e]

Donghua University
The disciplines of DHU cover a complete range of majors including engineering, economics, management, literature, law, science and pedagogy - [cn, e]

East China Normal University
- [cn]

East China University of Science and Technology
ECUST was the first single-subject chemical institute in China through the joint consolidation of the chemical departments from Jiaotong University, Aurora University, Utopia University, Soochow University and Jiangnan University - [cn, e]

Fudan University
Fudan consists of seventeen schools, ( which comprise sixty-six departments) and four independent departments: Physics, Chemistry, Macromolecular Science, and Environmental Science and Engineering - [cn, e]

Hebei University
... offers a variety of courses covering a wide range of fields, including Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science and Technology, Engineering,Medicine and Management - [cn, e]

Hebei University of Science and Technology
- [cn, e]

Hefei University of Technology
... is characterized by the following features: a wide coverage of subjects, a combination of diverse disciplines, and an emphasis on engineering - [cn, e]

Hohai University
Disciplines as water resources, civil engineering, environmental resources, electronics, informatics, economics, and business administration - [cn, e]

Huazhong Agricultural University
Wuhan City - [cn, e]

Huazhong Normal University
HZU has formed a complete and optimized disciplinary system consisting literature, history, philosophy, natural science, engineering, education, economics, law, agriculture and management - [cn, e]

Huazhong University of Science and Technology
HUST has 36 academic schools and departments covering eleven disciplines: philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, agriculture, science, engineering, medicine and management - [cn, e]

Hunan University
- [cn, e]

Jiangnan University
There are 4 national and provincial key disciplines and a “National Talent Cultivation Base of Bioscience & Technology” together with 11 national and provincial key labs and research centers provide abundant resources and scientific achievement - [cn, e]

Jilin University
JLU has eight campuses in five districts which are home to thirty-nine colleges covering eleven academic disciplines, including philosophy, economics, law, literature, education, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine - [cn, e]

Lanzhou University
School of Physical Science and Technology, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Life Science, School of Resources and Environment, School of Pastoral Agriculture Science and Technology, School of Atmospheric Science - [cn, e]

Liaoning University
... has grown into a multiple-discipline comprehensive university, embracing Chinese language and literature, history, philosophy, economics, law, foreign languages, art, natural science, engineering and management - [cn, e]

Nanjing University
With its multi-disciplinary structure and highly qualified faculty, Nanjing University is one of the leaders in educational operations among Chinese institutions of higher learning - [cn, e]

North China University of Technology
NCUT is a multi-disciplinary university that combines natural sciences and engineering with liberal arts, economics, management and law, giving priority engineering - [cn, e]

North University of China
... formerly known as North China Institute of Technology (1993-2004) and Taiyuan Institute of Machinery (1958-1992), is located in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province - [cn, e]

Northeast Forestry University
NEFU is presently a comprehensive university with the forestry as its major discipline in combination with science, engineering, economy, management, liberal arts and law - [cn, e]

Northeast Normal University
NENU is an institution of higher learning under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education - [cn, e]

Northeastern University
- [cn, e]

Northwest A&F University
NWAFU has 15 colleges and Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, College of Adult Education, and Department of Physical Education, which cover agriculture, science, engineering, economics, management, liberal arts, law, and education - [cn, e]

Ocean University of China
After more than 80 years of development, OUC has already developed into a national comprehensive university with strength in Marine Science and Fisheries, which also offers complete course ... - [cn, e]

Peking University
... has 216 research institutes and research centres, and there are 2 national engineering research centres, 81 key national disciplines, 12 national key laboratories - [cn, e]

Renmin University of China
The RUC's strengths emphasize the humanities and social sciences, however, the university also embraces disciplines in the area of natural sciences. The RUC is a comprehensive research-orientated university - [cn, e]

Shaanxi Normal University
Chemistry, mathematics, biology, history, geography, and chinese literature, food engineering, economics - [cn, e]

Shandong University
Courses are offered in 11 main academic disciplines: philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, natural sciences, engineering, management, medicine , education and military - [cn, e]

Shanghai International Studies University
- [cn, e]

Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Ocean engineering, automatic control, composite materials, and metal plasticity processing, ... - [cn, e]

ShanXi Normal University
… is one of the key institutions of higher learning directly affiliated to Ministry of Education - [cn, e]

Shanxi University
School of Science - [cn, e]

Shenyang Ligong University
International Education College - [cn, e]

Shougang Institute of Technology
SG Institute of Technology - [cn]

Sichuan University
The 109 bachelor programs cover the major fields in liberal arts, sciences, engineering, medicine and agriculture - [cn, e]

South China University of Technology
SCUT has a batch of scientific research organizations and technology development bases with advanced standards - [cn, e]

Southeast University
SEU is a comprehensive university of high reputation comprised of various departments of science, engineering, art, social sciences, law, economics, management, languages, etc., with engineering as its focus - [cn, e]

Southwest Jiaotong University
- [cn]

Southwest University
- [cn]

Sun Yat-sen University
The mission of SYSU is to advance knowledge and educate students in arts, science, technology, and other academic areas that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century - [cn, e]

Taiyuan University of Technology
TUT is both solid in its scientific research and technological development and motivated in basic applied research - [cn, e]

Tianjin Medical University
The International College of Internation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and west Medicine - [cn, e]

Tianjin Normal University
- [cn, e]

Tianjin University
TJU aspires to be a world-class, progressive, and multidisciplinary research university - [cn, e]

Tongji University
Vorläufer der Universität ist die „Deutsche Medizin- und Ingenieurschule für Chinesen, die im Jahr 1907 von dem deutschen Arzt Erich Paulun gegründet wurde - [cn, e, d]

Tsinghua University
Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biological Engineering, ... - [cn, e]

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
UESTC has developed into a multidisciplinary university directly under the Ministry of Education, which has electronics information science and technology as its nucleus, engineering as its major field - [cn, e]

University of Science and Technology Beijing
USTB is famous for its study of metallurgy and material science - [cn, e]

Wuhan University
The university has 29 colleges and various branches of learning, including science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, literature, history, philosophy, law, economics, education and management - [cn, e]

Wuhan University of Technology
WHUT has various reasonably-structured disciplines, including natural sciences, engineering, humanities, managements, economics, law, philosophy, education and medicine, etc. - [cn, e]

Xiamen University
- [cn, e]

Xi'an Jiaotong University
XJTU has the feature of science and Engineering and covers 9 subjects such as science, engineering medicine, economics, management, art and law - [cn, e]

Xidian University
... is organized into eight schools: Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering, Computing, Technical Physics, Mechno-Electronic, Management, Science, and Humanities - [cn, e]

Zhejiang University
- [cn, e]

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Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaften

China Association for Science and Technology
CAST is the largest national non-governmental organization of scientific and technological workers in China - [cn, e]

Chinese Chemical Society
... located in Beijing - [cn]

Chinese Society of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry
Institute of Mineral Resource, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing - [cn]

Geological Society of China
GSC - [cn]

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China: Naturwissenschaftliche Institutionen und Organisationen; Forschung
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